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  • Connect to learn about the vision you have for your business.
  • Identify the necessary components, funcitonality, & the scope of the project.
  • Investigate your niche, audience, and competitors to devise effective SEO friendly content.
  • Compile an identity based on images and color palettes to establish a foundation for design and production.
  • Settle on color theme and draw up a UI friendly layout to make conversions on visitors.
  • Create a sitemap and wireframe to craft the prototype that will guide production.
  • The actual coding. Procuring the images we'll need to populate and enliven the space. Etc.
  • Use the appropriate tech stack to bring your specially designed virtual flagship to life.
  • Last and most exciting is launching the project after securing hosting, a domain, and any supplimentary needs like databases.
  • Of course we present the best options to you, so you need not sift through the plethora of options.
  • Just come to an agreement and let us handle the rest!

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The Swade Group
The Swade Group is a Water Restoration company that offers a broad array of services. It features a very user-friendly and intelligent design. It is direct, easy on the eyes, and equipped with predictable and ever-accessible navigation. It is lightweight, bearing a unencumbering load of text, driving visitors to converting into clients as opposed to lingering around and browsing.

The Swade Group

  • Role
  • Developer
  • Designer

Aloyo Money Management
Aloyo Money Management is a Rhode Island based company that commissioned us in the Fall of 2022 to redesign their Wix site. We went through all of their pages, making their color theme more evident as well as enlivening the environment with some of Wix's provided images, adding layers and dimensions to elements, as well as opening up the pages with more breathing room for a better user experience.

Aloyo Money Management

  • Role
  • Web Design

Bold City IAQ
Bold City Indoor Air Quality is a Mold Remediation and Water Restoration company located in Jacksonville FL. While keeping the identity of the company intact, we gave it a total revamp, with photographs taken on their job-sites in south Florida cleaning up Hurricane Ian. Their new web page has been coded entirely from scratch and we are proud to say we have fixed previous issues they were facing on Word Press with having no SEO presence with Google at all.

Bold City IAQ

  • Role
  • Photographer
  • Developer
  • Designer

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